What's a certified translation?

German authorities in general require a certified translation into German of all original documents submitted to them in a foreign language. Sometimes universities or employers may also require such a certification.

How do I get a certified translation?

You may scan your document and e-mail it to us for translation. Then, send us, if not the original documents, at least a certified copy of the original documents by post. We would need to receive this at the latest prior to dispatch of the certified translation to the address provided by you.

The text is translated from German into English or vice versa. The original layout is copied as far as this is possible to make the target text easy to compare with the original document.

The translator confirms that the translation corresponds with the original by marking the translated document with a certification notation, his/her signature and a stamp.
In Schleswig-Holstein only translators officially certified by the Schleswig-Holstein higher regional court are permitted to certify translations. These are valid throughout Germany and abroad and have the effect of a certificate drafted by a public notary.

If you need any further assistance or a price estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our project managers responsible for English translations are Heiko Hegewisch at hegewisch@tectranslate.de and Lauren Hahn at hahn@tectranslate.de.