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We can find you the right interpreter for your particular requirements: interpreters for your registry office wedding ceremony, interpreters for your business meeting, conference interpreters.
We have extensive experience in organising small and large events involving foreign languages. We are happy to share this knowledge with you and advise you on the ideal solution for your event, including the necessary conference technology. We always strive to keep travel expenses to a minimum and employ interpreters located closest to the venue.

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Consecutive interpreting

A consecutive interpreter communicates the spoken word in the target language once the speaker has come to a break in his/her speech. This can double the length of the presentation or conference.

Simultaneous interpreting

As a rule, a simultaneous interpreter works in a sound-proofed cubicle equipped with headphones and microphone. The interpreting is done as the speaker talks, i.e. simultaneously. Due to the pressure involved in this type of interpreting, a team of two interpreters is usually required, changing over every 15 to 20 minutes.

Whispered interpreting

With whispered interpreting, the interpreting is done simultaneously without any technical equipment. The interpreter sits next to the speaker and whispers the translation into his/her ear.

Sworn interpreter

We can find you interpreters working in various languages to assist you with appointments with notaries, at court, at the police station or hospital.